FAQ – Easy bus

Discover the possibilities and frequently asked questions of our Easy bus below.
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Technology Assessment

Installation time

Depending on the chosen environment and license, you can be up and running in just a few hours.

Minimum requirements

Single server 4 core, 16 GB, SSD or HDD 200gb with Windows Server 2012r2 or newer.


Is Easy bus also available as Saas?

The Easy bus platform can be installed and used on-premises, with a service provider, and in the Cloud. An existing Easy bus device can easily be moved between these different environments and suppliers

Can Easy bus be delivered as a fully managed, full service platform?

Yes, you can use Easy bus entirely yourself, but you can also have parts of it or the whole managed by your existing management party or iTrajectum. That way you can completely unburden your own organization.

Development ease of use

Do our developers have to relearn everything?

Easy bus uses visual design tools in Visual Studio to convert messages. This is done on the basis of “Drag & Drop”. This means that for the vast majority of situations, no deep substantive programming knowledge is required.

Much has to be programmed to convert (transform) messages.

Easy bus uses visual design tools in Visual Studio to convert messages. This is done on the basis of “Drag & Drop”. This means that for the vast majority of situations, no deep substantive programming knowledge is required.

What does the development environment look like? An impression of the development environment.


How can administrators and developers access the platform?

A web interface can be used for a number of management tasks. This allows real-time monitoring of the progress of the processes.
Full access to the platform (for developers, for example) is now possible from well-known secure RDS solutions such as MSDTC, Citrix etc.

Development Transformation

Our organization has systems that still use CSV and EDI files. Can Easy bus deal with that?

Yes, Easy bus has a large number of wizards with which CSV files, EDI, JSON etc can be easily converted to XML and back.
XML internally forms the basic format within the Easy bus – ESB.

Can Easy bus work with both "fixed" format and "delimited" messages?

Yes, Easy bus provides the wizards with various options to handle both positional “fixed” and “delimited” messages or even combinations thereof.
Messages with headers can also be processed. This makes almost all flatfile formats easy to use.

Ability to handle XML data

XML forms the basis of messages within the Easy bus – ESB. There are ample opportunities within the platform and the tooling to handle this very flexibly, but at the same time easy. Largely through visual design and programming.

Ability to handle JSON data

Despite the fact that JSON was never really intended for machine-2-machine and / or enterprise communication, it is a standard that has become indispensable and has certainly proven its usefulness. Easy bus has various tools and APIs for flexible use of this standard. A large part of the required conversions even happens automatically, without a developer having to do anything.

Development enrichment


Ability to process fixed format data?

Easy bus can collect and combine data from other systems in many ways. This is possible through endpoints, database lookups, web service connections, SAP connections and more. You can endlessly enrich data from different systems or from various (external) parties to the required end result.



Is it difficult to set up and manage the platform?

Easy bus is a platform with a very wide range of techniques. The vast majority is automatically adjusted for you when the platform is rolled out. Up to and including backups. Remaining platform / system management tasks can be performed in a similar way to “normal” server environments. Most of the administrators will only need a “half word”. Our support will always support them where necessary.

ESB Management


How can I see what is happening on the ESB and whether everything is running correctly?

Easy bus shows, in real time, in the monitor which processes and messages are processed on the platform. Numbers of messages, possible disruptions are clearly visible and quickly detected.


How can I backup the Easy bus platform?

 Easy bus already provides continuous and automatic backups of the settings and data used on the platform. Additional backups can be arranged as desired. This can be done by means of classic backup programs or also by nowadays very common “machine snapshots”.

Ability to monitor performance of the ESB

Easy bus already provides useful performance information in the real-time monitor. In addition, extensive performance counter information is written, in accordance with the standards that exist within the Windows Server platform. If desired, this data can be made transparent through all kinds of existing management portals and platforms.

How easy is it to upgrade to the latest release?

99% automatic by scripting, others documented.



For whom or which sector is Easy bus suitable?

With Easy bus we serve the Dutch governments, semi-government organizations, but of course also the private sector.

Although sectors vary widely, this does not necessarily mean that the technology needed to help different sectors automate, simplify and improve processes must also be very specifically focused on such a sector.

On the contrary. Because we connect to numerous global industry standards, but also leave room for specific requirements, we are able to serve a very wide range of organizations with our platform. Organizations can be unburdened End-2-End, but they can also get started after a short training.

Which Service Level Agreements are possible with Easy bus?

– on-premises or Cloud, a single server or a complete failover device.

– 100 messages in a day or 100,000 in an hour.

– fully managed or in-house

As a result, the wishes regarding the SLA also vary widely. In our experience, all these wishes cannot be captured in 1 or 2 standard agreements.

That is why we sit down with the customer to take stock of the wishes and to make agreements together.


Curious about the costs?

We can make a global price indication based on your preferences. We always advise to make an appointment, to choose the right platform layout together with you. This free consultation gives you a more complete picture of the costs and many possibilities for your organization. Click here to view our prices! Or send us an email to: info@itrajectum.nl.