Secure data exchange with Easy bus ESB

by | Oct 30, 2018 | News | 0 comments

It is unnecessary to emphasize the need to ensure that messaging between different systems is adequately secured and selectively in which data can be sent at all. A practical safety instrument that can be used for B2B data security is the Easy bus ESB platform. But what role does the platform play in the safe management and exchange of your company data?

Data protection through Insight

The Easy bus platform first gives insight into the complexity of the IT landscape. It creates a picture of which systems are connected and which connections exchange data with each other. With the Easy bus you get a porter in the house that can easily determine what comes in and what goes out again. You can use this insight to help you personalize the existing IT architecture and make it easier to remove any vulnerabilities.

Precisely set up data traffic

The insight that Easy bus creates helps to set up the IT landscape precisely, so that no redundant data can be sent, for example, that may contain sensitive information. A properly tuned landscape ensures that data remains inaccessible to other systems, processes and/or users. Data exists only ‘ realtime ‘ and is not permanently or long-term stored on the platform itself. Only metadata is needed specifically for managing and monitoring the processes and is stored momentarily. In that case, of course, strongly encrypted. The metadata can only be read by the own easy bus instance, so even when the easy bus hardware is stolen, the data is encrypted and therefore completely unusable.

Double safety

Easy bus offers powerful security on all fronts. The platform uses encryption on connections and data. In addition, it can communicate securely with other systems through the industry-known, stringent security protocols. It is also an option to implement a different security standard on the platform, used within your organization. In addition to securing the platform itself, every connection to and from the platform is secure (with or without a different security protocol).

Over twenty years of experience in securing data has been incorporated into the building of the platform developed by iTrajectum. In addition to understanding, the platform provides resources to set data accessibility correctly and, finally, to secure the platform and the data in multiple ways for the highest achievable message integrity. Easy bus is a useful tool for securing communication from on-premise systems to external partner s or cloud, because good security (fast) is indispensable.


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