Taking back

digital control

The growing digitalization has a significant impact on IT departments. There is a growing demand for the well structured and careful management and integration of applications and data. After all, before systems can safely exchange information with each other, many complex connections have to be made. Connecting these systems directly to each other regularly leads to high investments in complex custom solutions. The oversight of your IT landscape and manageability disappears. How do you take back control on digital processes?

Extensions in the many point-to-point connections as in the example on the right cause a messy IT landscape full of unstructured data. When an organization often works in the cloud, there is a risk that departments will start using their own applications without the IT department being aware of it. For IT, the tough challenge is to continue to propagate the company vision and to maintain data quality at a certain level, because there is no overview. The custom solutions have such a strong impact on other systems and business processes. That identifying problems and building solutions for IT has become a challenging, perhaps impossible task.

Take control

The first step to be taken is to map out what connections there are. What they do and how these lines run. When this insight is there, you can look at the restructuring of the solutions.

Easy Bus

This restructuring of applications and software is realized in a simple, structured way with the system integration platform: Easy bus. Without sacrificing costly customization solutions, the platform simplifies the integration architecture of your IT landscape and makes it transparant and easily manageable.


This insight makes it a lot easier for IT to see where connections can be improved. Added bonus is that in case staff works in the cloud IT can see which applications are in use by various departments.

Easy Bus is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platform based on Enterprise Architecture.

In layman’s terms:
Easy Bus functions as a power strip to which applications can be connected.


Future proof

Locally, in the cloud or hybrid placeable. Should this change in the future, then the platform is easy to move


Exchanges messages safely by sending them encrypted. Remaing privacy-proof

Gives Insight

All processes in one overview. Easy Bus monitor shows the stage and the cause of error messages

Expansion options

Extending the number of links is easily accessible due to the short turnaround time and therefore total cost of ownership remains low.

"With the Easy bus platform we have successfully automated the purchasing process. Orders will now go to our suppliers without manual work. In Parallel, orders are processed directly into the financial system. We had discovered this before. "

Read more in the whitepaper – Systemintegration

The integration evolution from the beginning to the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)


The Monitor tool distinguishes: technical, functional, process and configuration errors. and sends notifications to the appropriate administrator.

The configuration designer facilitates the building. The tool provides tips on which endpoints to use and what the most suitable sequence is.

The Software Factory is a multi-mapper that makes it easy to create complex transformations (mappings). 

Easy bus


  • Message traffic flows near real-time
  • Possibilities in couplings are endless
  • Reduces customization for IT and manual work for end-users
  • Saves data secured by choice in cloud systems or on your own hardware
  • Have previously isolated applications have the correct data
  • Creates a reliable, clear and future-oriented IT landscape

Types of licences

Curious about what Easy bus can do for you?

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