E-Invoicing for your webshop with the Easy bus ESB

by | Jan 9, 2019 | News | 0 comments

Nowadays you can control your own financial administration within a few minutes by mobile with electronic messaging. In the business world, there are still a few steps to take when it comes to digitalization. Often organisations still have large administrative departments and no real-time insight into their finances. This is unnecessary in these times. With the combination of the Easy bus ESB platform and the link with e-invoicing, not only your IT processes are structured, but also your financial administration. In other words: gain real insight into business processes with a more accurate and reliable administration.

If you have a webshop for example, you can use this combination to set up the processes much more efficiently electronically. The Easy bus helps you to create links between your existing systems and those of your suppliers in an accessible way. The extra link with e-invoicing ensures that sales are automatically invoiced to the customer, that orders are automatically sent to suppliers of the products and that the products are sent to the customer.

With e-invoicing, an invoice is a structured digital file that comes in electronically and is automatically processed in (accounting) systems. When the invoice comes in, and is processed in your administration, Easy bus can control other systems so that the systems are set up so that the order leaves the door. Administrative work by hand is therefore no longer necessary. An e-invoice is booked up to 80% faster than a paper or pdf invoice. All in all, you save on personnel costs, paper consumption and time through fast and error-free processing.

At iTrajectum we think pragmatically together with organisations. Besides we like to work together. Aside from linking data and systems with our Easy bus platform, we are always looking for partnerships that strengthen your organisation and our products. This is why we have entered into a partnership with the specialist in the field of e-invoices: eVerbinding. Why reinvent when we can make much faster progress with the strongest collaborations? And why opt for manual processing, if it can be more accurate and cheaper electronically?

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