Nexus: innovative iPaaS

Get to know Easy Bus NEXUS: an innovative, independent iPaaS (software integration platform) that allows all your systems and applications to communicate with each other. Without the restrictions that characterize major iPaaS providers, such as Microsoft, Google and Dell. They mainly offer integration options for their own services and fall short for connections between applications from different Cloud providers and your local systems. Known problems that organizations encounter are vendor lock-in and being saddled with high costs for custom connections. Therefore choose NEXUS; an independent, integration platform that can be easily moved between different cloud providers. A readily scalable solution which allows you to retain control over your application landscape. You can read more about the bottlenecks of the major iPaaS providers and why you should opt for an independent party in our FREE WHITE PAPER: “Head in the Clouds? Feet on the ground!”.

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An iPaaS that integrates all your systems

Is your company wasting valuable time manually punching in or transferring data from one system to another? Do existing links between systems not work flawlessly? Then it’s time for a digitization move with our innovative iPaaS: Easy bus NEXUS. Connect, among other things, these many common systems with each other:

  • Invoicing (and E-invoicing);
  • Accounting packages;
  • Cloud services (Azure, AWS, Google);
  • Office365 apps: e.g. SharePoint & OneDrive for Business;
  • DropBox;
  • Order system;
  • CRM;
  • Webshop CMS, such as Magento 2, WordPress, Lightspeed, Shopify;
  • ERP, MES, PLM, CAD and Power-BI systems;
  • Third party systems, e.g. supplier’s inventory system;
  • Databases, web services.

Minimal investment, maximum result

At iTrajectum we understand that each organization has different integration needs. After all, every organization uses a unique composition of systems, data sources and processes. This diversity often leads to expensive custom solutions which aren’t necessary by any means. Thanks to flexibility and scalability NEXUS offers a universal integration solution for almost every integration issue. Without expensive licensing costs for connections you’ll probably never use. Your organization will only pay for the desired connections once. We then offer flexible subscription options, based on the number of messages sent between the linked systems. This way we can keep costs at a minimum, while at the same time offer all the advantages a fully integrated application landscape brings to your organization.

  • One-time development cost per connection;
  • No expensive, redundant licenses;
  • Time-to-market is mininmal, short implementation period;
  • Pay a fixed amount per month or per sent messages;
  • Scalability: easy upscaling and downscaling of connections and amount of data send;
  • No ‘vendor lock-in’ issues: no dependency on different parties and static connections that struggle with your organization’s growth.

NEXUS receives, transforms and sends data

NEXUS is digitization in its purest form, smartly responding to the market, which is constantly changing and that also applies to legislation and regulations. (For example, consider the GDPR legislation). The increasing demand for integration of systems and the careful, structured management of all these processes is the reason that iTrajectum has developed Easy bus NEXUS. An even more complete integration solution, thanks to knowledge gained from previous generations. NEXUS is flexible, scalable and connects all your systems. The exchange of data is managed in the right direction, without making concessions in the field of security and privacy. Is your organization or company growing? NEXUS simply grows with you. Whether you want to add old or new systems, all at once or step-by-step. The flexibility of NEXUS has no equal and puts your business at the center.

Completely unburdened

Your focus is on business operations and that we understand at iTrajectum. Therefore, choose an integration solution you don’t have to worry about whatsoever. We are at your service for development, management, monitoring ánd support of NEXUS. One point of contact for all your integration needs, without being dependent on third parties. Your company or organization is completely unburdened. System updates and other activities are performed completely in the background at times when your business is not affected by this. Would you rather manage NEXUS yourself in your own IT environment? That is of course also a possibility.

Linking systems step-by-step with NEXUS

Your company is growing and undoubtedly there comes a time when system integration is necessary to continue working efficiently, so there’s enough room for further growth. The flexibility of NEXUS enables your company to connect old and new systems or make changes to the information flow at any time, step-by-step. Digitizing these processes will boost your company’s productivity. A small investment that will pay for itself many times over.

From government to SMEs

The need for system integration is not limited to one or a few industries. NEXUS can be used universally. From government agencies and private organizations with a public task (such as health insurers) to SMEs, but also small traders and self-employed people. Thanks to years of experience – at both large government organizations and SMEs – we at iTrajectum know exactly how to approach various IT issues.

Integration software only suitable for large organizations?

Traditional integration solutions in the market are particularly suitable for large companies and government agencies, where people often want to connect dozens (sometimes hundreds) of processes, systems and data sources.

 Larger organizations often have their own IT department that, in practice, connects the systems themselves. Is there a change in one of those systems or connections? Due to the interdependence of certain systems, this can have major consequences for the functioning of other systems. Interrelationships between systems are often no longer completely clear and errors are difficult to detect. At a time when digitization is developing at a rapid pace, there is a need for a reliable, complete solution.

iPaas ideal for SME

In most cases these traditional integration solutions are less suitable for smaller SMBs. An average SME has a maximum of 10 systems that need to be connected. To offer an integration solution that can realize thousands of connections – with heavy in-house servers – is really unnecessary. This also translates directly into high investment and subscription costs, which means that traditional system integration is not really a viable option for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. With NEXUS, iTrajectum offers an integration solution for the entire market. For small, medium ánd large organizations. NEXUS creates structure and overview and provides for all your integration needs.

NEXUS Walktrough


We have created a walkthrough to give you an impression of our user-friendly iPaaS environment. Simply navigate through the different slides and discover the integration environments that make NEXUS so unique.

  • 4 modules: Designer, Monitor, Settings & Statistics
  • Easy and secure login with 2 factor authentication (2FA)
  • Simply accessible via the browser

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Nexus Walkthrough Designer 1
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 2
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 3
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 4
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 5

Nexus for designers

In the Designer module you can easily draw the flow of a process so you can quickly map functions with associated conditions and loops.

  • Drag & drop function
  • Code formatting, code validation & code prediction
  • Also suitable for novice designers

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Monitor and logging

An integration landscape that is 100% transparent? With NEXUS’s extensive monitoring and logging functionality, you are always up to date.

  • Direct view of all your data streams
  • Each process is graphically displayed
  • Use different access levels

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Nexus Walkthrough Designer 1
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 2
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 3
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 4
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 5
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 1
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 2
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 3
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 4
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 5


An iPaaS has many settings. What URLs are we listening to? Which processes are involved and which users wo we grant access? With NEXUS, we’ve made the settings section simple and accessible.

  • Arrange ‘scope’ access platform
  • Secure environment with certificates or tokens
  • Enterprise level options

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Detailed statistics about your application landscape can be found under ‘Statistics’. Very suitable for evaluation purposes. Which processes are running, how often and which ones cause the highest load?

  • Useful data for developers and management
  • Very suitable for evaluation purposes
  • Clear, exportable charts

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Want to know more about the benefits of NEXUS and how we can help your organization?

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