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Integrate your systems with Easy bus or NEXUS

Data sources, processes, networks and identities. Wouldn’t it be great if we could securely connect and manage them all in one place? Our Easy bus and NEXUS integration solutions make this possible. Take back control and create overview and structure in the complex IT landscape. This saves time, unnecessary costs and allows you to focus on core tasks again.

NEXUS: cross-provider iPaaS

The newest member of the Easy bus family is called NEXUS; an innovative iPaaS that seamlessly connects Cloud services from different suppliers ánd your local systems. Without known problems such as vendor lock-in and high extra costs for custom connections.

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ipaas integration

Common systems we integrate

  • Invoicing (also E-invoicing);
  • Accounting packages;
  • Cloud services from Azure, AWS, Google, Dell;
  • Office365: integration SharePoint & OneDrive for Business;
  • DropBox;
  • Order system
  • Webshop CMS, like Magento 2, WordPress, Lightspeed, Shopify;
  • CRM, ERP, MES, PLM, CAD and Power-BI services;
  • Third party system, e.g. supplier’s inventory system;
  • Databases.

    Benefits Easy bus & NEXUS

    Future proof

    The platform can be placed locally, in the cloud or hybrid. Should this change in the future, the platform will be easy to move.


    The platform exchanges messages accurately by using encryption. This way you remain AVG-proof.

    Useful insights

    All your processes in one overview. The monitor shows the current status of all your connections.

    Expansion options

    Expanding the number of connections is easily accessible due to the short lead time, which means that the total cost of ownership remains low.

    On location, in the Cloud or hybride

    Our integration platforms are extremely flexible and can run in different forms. Completely on-premises, for example. This way, the platform runs on a server at your location. Even without an internet connection your systems will continue to communicate offline. A major advantage of on-premises is that malfunctions, maintenance or changes to systems at external parties do not affect the functioning of the integration platform. This allows you to always retain full control over your systems and data flows.

    Many services we use today run in the Cloud. Both Easy bus and NEXUS can therefore also run completely in the Cloud. This form is popular because of its low cost and is very suitable for organizations that do not have an internal IT department or largely outsourced IT management. However, there are also disadvantages to this form. Sensitive customer or patient data may not be stored anywhere in the Cloud due to stricter legislation (such as the AVG). In addition, most organizations make use of both local systems and Cloud services. A complex mix of systems which are ideally integrated seamleslly. And that can only be done in a hybrid integration form.



    Hybrid system integration is a popular choice. In that case, the iPaaS platform runs partly locally on the server and partly in the Cloud. An ideal solution if your organization not only works with local systems, but also often works with Cloud services. The hybrid form ensures all systems connect seamlessly and thus helps to bridge the gap between your own IT department and Cloud suppliers.

    Customized system integration

    Every organization is unique, and the form in which our integration solutions get the best out of your company, depends strongly on various factors: such as system characteristics, the set-up of the IT department and your own preferences. Not sure about the best location for the ESB or iPaaS? Or is your organization currently moving to the Cloud? None of that poses a problem. Easy bus and NEXUS are flexible and moves easily between Cloud, Cloud providers, other hosting parties and your own IT environments. iTrajectum likes to think along with you and, in consultation, will always choose a form that best suits your organization and wishes.

    Watch the video and discover the possibilities of Easy bus

    Training opportunities

    Take matters into your own hands? Why not! 

    At iTrajectum we offer three different training courses; individual, in class at the location of your choice.

    Developer: This entry-level course will teach you how to develop and create connections between various systems in a user-friendly development environment. 

    Administrator: This training mainly focusses on the management aspect of your integrated IT landscape. You’ll learn how to think service-oriented using the extensive monitoring tool.

    Management: This course is set up especially for management. You’ll learn to answer important business questions and how to interpret associated business processes with the extensive possibilities of our integration platforms.