Presentatie voor de Koninklijke Metaalunie Wij waren op 11-02-2020 uitgenodigd door de Koninklijke Metaal Unie om op hun leden dag te presenteren over de mogelijkheden van ons Easy bus – ESB platform. De leden kunnen...

Head in the Cloud, feet on the ground!

Al jaren is het mogelijk om al uw bestanden en systemen in de Cloud te plaatsen. Dit is heel inmiddels heel gebruikelijk, want het heeft veel voordelen. Maar is dit wel zonder risico?

Is de automotive-sector voorbereid op de toekomst?

De autotechnologie blijft door ontwikkelen maar kan de auto-industrie dit aan? Veel autobedrijven zijn tevreden met de werkwijze waarop hun huidige systemen alle data verwerken. Bijna iedereen binnen een bedrijf heeft...

Are your systems up to date with newest the privacy developments?

Since 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets strict rules on privacy. It limits which data can be stored, used and transmitted. This regulation has a direct impact on the organisation of business processes and the IT architecture of organisations. Can you adequately exclude sensitive personal data? Are your IT systems completely privacyproof and prepared for the future developments of GDPR?

The expansion of privacy rights is of considerable influence on the processing of data and that is a good thing as well. There have now been enough examples in the news of data leakage from organizations that have carelessly handled their data. Hackers took the chance to expose citizens sensitive information and had a huge influence on the reputations of organisations. The GPDR laws and regulations must protect against this kind of privacyviolence and oblige organizations to deal carefully with sensitive data. Organizations are obliged to demonstrate and understand how data is being processed. In many organizations it is a complex process to be completely GDPR0proof. Not nearly every system is suitable for these adjustments.

A generic solution to standardize the communication and security of all your systems at once and simplify changes to your systems lies in the use of the Easy bus platform. Regardless of the type of system or app, the platform can protect your data and exclude specific data. The platform structures the IT landscape and makes it transparent. What makes it easier to demonstrate how data is processed.

“Once you've lost your privacy, you realize you've lost an extremely valuable thing."