Easy bus Suite as BizTalk Extension

BizTalk, but easier with the Easy bus ESB

The Easy bus ESB platform has been in existence for over a decade and has proven to be a reliable and powerful platform. For users with already existing BizTalk solutions, the entire Easy bus suite is also an extension of the current own environment to deploy. Any BizTalk 2006r2 or later version can easily be converted into a flexible enterprise Service Bus/Micro Services platform. This will be one of the great benefits of ' Cloud '; Fast and flexible development, also possible for your existing BizTalk environment.

Current processes and chains can remain as desired or be replaced in phases, while new components can be added effortlessly and quickly. Easy bus itself can be placed on-premise as well as in the cloud, independent of a specific cloud supplier. What is achieved is that existing knowledge, expertise, processes and investments can continue to be fully utilised. 

At the same time, you can develop and manage much more efficiently through the built-in process monitoring, monitor, deployment tooling, Software Factory, drag & drop development, configuration tools.

Ready-made building blocks provide less complex customization, less test work, fewer dependencies, more reuse, short turnaround time & much more flexibility.



Retain and maintain existing solutions



Systemintegration independent of location. Easy bus is on-premise and can be placed in the cloud



Design and configure with Drag & Drop functionality


Reuse Existing Components



Adding functionalities modular


Moving (parts of) or the entire platform to and from the cloud

“The current ERP system in our BizTalk environment was connected to the Salesforce CRM system with the help of Easy bus suite. Within a few weeks, the link already worked completely. The IT project ideas of departments of administrate and sales, which were actually planned for next year, could soon be executed.”

Read more in the whitepaper – Systeemintegration

The integration evolution from the beginning to the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

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