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At iTrajectum, we believe that system integration should be accessible and transparent to everyone. Especially for your own organization and IT department. With this in mind, we have developed Easy bus NEXUS: an iPaaS that you control yourself. Thanks to 4 user-friendly environments, NEXUS offers your organization unique possibilities and insights. This way you keep control over your systems, data flows, changes and updates.

Get to know the following environments:


NEXUS is a web-based iPaaS that is simply accessible in your web browser on various devices. With two factor authentication (2FA), you can easily and safely log in to the NEXUS dashboard. A pop-up will appear with a drop-down menu that allows you to navigate directly to one of the 4 NEXUS modules: Designer, Monitor, Settings and Statistics.
Each of these modules provides unique tools and insights into your company’s application and integration landscape. In a way that is understandable and with which you can get started yourself.
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 1
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 2
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 3
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 4
Nexus Walkthrough Designer 5

Nexus for Designers

Use the browser-based designer from NEXUS to model all desired processes. With drag & drop you can easily draw the flow of a process. This allows you to quickly map functions with associated conditions/loops. In addition, the Designer offers extensive support, code formatting, code validation and smart code prediction & info (Intellisense).
With these tools, it is also a very user-friendly environment for novice designers and anyone can develop useful integration processes. Of course we have not forgotten the more experienced .NET designers; all tools are in place to model the most complex challenges.
Nexus Walkthrough Monitor 1
Nexus Walkthrough Monitor 2
Nexus Walkthrough Monitor 3


In addition to mapping all data flows, the monitoring process is just as important. Is everything okay? Do the messages come through correctly or do we (still) miss certain (customer) data? With the comprehensive monitoring and logging functionality of NEXUS, you are always informed, even if a developer of an individual system did not pay attention to this at the time. Every process and its progress is graphically visible to authorized administrators.
Depending on the rights, administrators see the flow and the result of certain data streams or (with extended rights) even the data and settings in question. Was one of the chain partners temporarily unavailable? From the NEXUS monitor, an administrator can resubmit the request/process.
Nexus Walkthrough Settings 1
Nexus Walkthrough Settings 2


An integration platform (iPaaS) has many settings. What URLs do we listen to? Which processes are involved and which users have access to the platform? With NEXUS we have made the settings part as simple as possible. With a few mouse clicks you can toggle enterprise level options on and off.
For example, you can easily set who has access to the platform and which conditions must be met. Thanks to the built-in protective measures of NEXUS, you determine the scope of access to the platform with a few clicks. Easily restrict access to your own network and secure the environment with certificates or tokens. Or set a specific web page to reach certain services.


NEXUS also shows comprehensive statistics about your application landscape. Very useful to evaluate processes within your organization; for technical, economic and other purposes. For example, the platform provides answers to important questions, such as: which processes are running, how often and which ones cause the highest load?
Statistics that all provide valuable information for developers and the management of an organization. With clear, exportable graphs you can view these statistics directly or include them in reports.

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