Are your systems up to date with newest the privacy developments?

Are your systems up to date with newest the privacy developments?

Since 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) sets strict rules on privacy. It limits which data can be stored, used and transmitted. This regulation has a direct impact on the organisation of business processes and the IT architecture of organisations. Can you adequately exclude sensitive personal data? Are your IT systems completely privacyproof and prepared for the future developments of GDPR?

The expansion of privacy rights is of considerable influence on the processing of data and that is a good thing as well. There have now been enough examples in the news of data leakage from organizations that have carelessly handled their data. Hackers took the chance to expose citizens sensitive information and had a huge influence on the reputations of organisations. The GPDR laws and regulations must protect against this kind of privacyviolence and oblige organizations to deal carefully with sensitive data. Organizations are obliged to demonstrate and understand how data is being processed. In many organizations it is a complex process to be completely GDPR0proof. Not nearly every system is suitable for these adjustments.

A generic solution to standardize the communication and security of all your systems at once and simplify changes to your systems lies in the use of the Easy bus platform. Regardless of the type of system or app, the platform can protect your data and exclude specific data. The platform structures the IT landscape and makes it transparent. What makes it easier to demonstrate how data is processed.

“Once you’ve lost your privacy, you realize you’ve lost an extremely valuable thing.”

E-Invoicing for your webshop with the Easy bus ESB

E-Invoicing for your webshop with the Easy bus ESB


Nowadays you can control your own financial administration within a few minutes by mobile with electronic messaging. In the business world, there are still a few steps to take when it comes to digitalization. Often organisations still have large administrative departments and no real-time insight into their finances. This is unnecessary in these times. With the combination of the Easy bus ESB platform and the link with e-invoicing, not only your IT processes are structured, but also your financial administration. In other words: gain real insight into business processes with a more accurate and reliable administration.

If you have a webshop for example, you can use this combination to set up the processes much more efficiently electronically. The Easy bus helps you to create links between your existing systems and those of your suppliers in an accessible way. The extra link with e-invoicing ensures that sales are automatically invoiced to the customer, that orders are automatically sent to suppliers of the products and that the products are sent to the customer.

With e-invoicing, an invoice is a structured digital file that comes in electronically and is automatically processed in (accounting) systems. When the invoice comes in, and is processed in your administration, Easy bus can control other systems so that the systems are set up so that the order leaves the door. Administrative work by hand is therefore no longer necessary. An e-invoice is booked up to 80% faster than a paper or pdf invoice. All in all, you save on personnel costs, paper consumption and time through fast and error-free processing.

At iTrajectum we think pragmatically together with organisations. Besides we like to work together. Aside from linking data and systems with our Easy bus platform, we are always looking for partnerships that strengthen your organisation and our products. This is why we have entered into a partnership with the specialist in the field of e-invoices: eVerbinding. Why reinvent when we can make much faster progress with the strongest collaborations? And why opt for manual processing, if it can be more accurate and cheaper electronically?

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Nederland ICT welcomes iTrajectum

Nederland ICT welcomes iTrajectum


The representative and representative of the Dutch ICT sector, Nederland ICT, has welcomed iTrajectum as a new member. Since the end of December 2018 iTrajectum has been a part of the organisation, consisting of 600 members.

Nederland ICT contributes to the improvement of the ICT sector, the business climate for ICT companies and the Dutch digital economy in general.

The organisation provides services and advice in the areas of legal affairs, HRM, financial affairs and the environment. They also organize useful IT workshops and networking events and offer collective discounts and schemes. All members are committed to a high quality label and code of conduct.

For more information, please visit:

BizTalk just got a whole lot easier

BizTalk just got a whole lot easier

Cloudy my BizTalk is


Now that the dust clouds are settling down and we can all see hybrid is the most powerful future of cloud and on-premises solutions, many organizations are wondering how to move forward. “Just” moving everything to the cloud isn’t a solution that works for everyone in the real world. Next to the point that for your
on-premises systems it may not even make sense to move to the cloud at all, we very likely also have an existing infrastructure and team that has been (heavily) invested in over the past years or even decades. So our question to BizTalk developers and managers is:

"Why would you ‘throw’ away perfectly good hardware, existing and proven solutions
or have your expert staff shift their expertise, just because we ‘have’ to go cloud?"

Sometimes it’s best just to keep your feet firmly on the ground. Using the best of what is available in both worlds, and use it when you need it, makes far more sense. Though we have preached this for many years now, we finally see movement in this direction from the major companies (including those like Microsoft) too. This is no different for the world of systems integration. The domain where we ‘tie’ together data and business, processes and (complementary) systems that lets you collaborate within your business and partner organizations. 

System integration insight

To integrate or share data there are several well-known and proven platforms out there. MuleSoft (recently bought by Salesforce), Tibco, etc. and from the Microsoft stack of course: BizTalk. The very powerful and scalable framework that has been around for almost two decades now. Are these platforms disappearing now that the cloud is there? No, of course not. Microsoft has rolled out more versions and updates of BizTalk the last few years, than the years before when it’s role was undisputed.

But there is a whole new generation of platforms like Logic Apps, Dell Boomi and similar microservices solutions that claim to be capable of ‘solving’ all your integration needs. Well; maybe.. Those platforms are very flexible, but also have many restrictions. For example, they talk HTTP, which is not always what you want or need. They have limitations in size, are always in the cloud and that may therefore cause some security concerns.

And above all it requires a very different expertise than the developers, (that know your business well!) currently have. Of course, you can have them explore new technology (and so you should), but now that we live in a time where the demand from the business side goes faster and faster, you just do not always have the luxury to toss out the old and start tinkering with something new. Especially now that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforces that you should always at least think twice before you start tossing your data in all directions. And above all it requires a very different expertise than the developers, (that know your business well!) currently have.

The BizTalk extension suite allows to

  • Keep your currently solutions that you’ve invested in and that work well
  • Treasure the expertise your staff has. Let them keep using what they are great at
  • Add new functionality in a modular way
  • Design and configure processes with a similar drag&drop experience as the new cloud solutions
  • Reuse components from your old solutions when extending your business
    why redo something you already had developed and tested a year ago?
  • Integrate on-premises and cloud systems any way you prefer
  • Move parts of, or the entire platform to and from the cloud at your own pace and demands

The Easy bus platform has been around for over a decade and extends any BizTalk 2006r2 or newer environment to a very flexible Enterprise Service Bus/ Microservices platform. It can be hosted on-premises, in the cloud or both.

Easy bus ESB is designed to

  • Know and see what is going on. To open the ‘magic black box’. It features a browser based integrated process monitoring solution. Displaying functional processes and useful information to the administrators. No technical gurus required
  • See in a uniform way if a process has successfully completed or for some reason failed. Have the platform notify your staff when things go different than intended. So you don’t have to hear from a customer that something went wrong anymore
  • Create safe and secure solutions by design, not by sealing the cracks after you went into production
  • Develop modular extensions quickly. Easy bus generates everything you need for ‘plumbing’. So your developers can focus on the what the business actually requested
  • Stitch together your old solutions, out-of-the-box modules and your own new ones by configuration. There is no longer a need for big monolog and rigid solutions
  • Be on time with fulfilling the demands of the business and even enable the business by coming up with new ideas and opportunities
  • Create uniform and durable solutions. It no longer matters if Bart made a solution last year and today Jane and Sue are each making their own brand-new module. They will fit together guaranteed
  • Speed up the project and reduce time to market. Easy bus features a software factory (integrated in Visual Studio), boilerplate, deployment and maintenance tooling. All to make the entire development process faster and easier
  • Create the flexibility your business requires. You can swap out components and systems when you need to. Switching from SAP to Dynamics? Don’t let your integration platform be the limiting factor.

Best of both worlds 

Of course, you can have them explore new technology (and so you should), but now that we live in a time where the demand from the business side goes faster and faster, you just do not always have the luxury to toss out the old and start tinkering with something new. Especially now that General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforces that you should always at least think twice before you start tossing your data in all directions.

Does that mean cloud and those platforms are just toys? No, definitely not. They serve specific scenarios better than any of the ‘old’ platforms. If they would teach us one thing it is, that with the right, flexible tooling, you can simplify many tedious tasks.

By using a smart platform and therefore making the developers focus on the business problem at hand, instead of all the plumbing, it will speed up and shorten the projects you need done. And by simplifying development you will reduce costs, while being able to answer quickly to demands from the business.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could combine (hybrid) the power of the proven integration platforms and the easy of the new microservices cloud platforms? Well; you can have the best of both worlds with the BizTalk extension suite of the Easy bus platform, that makes using BizTalk a whole lot easier.


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Secure data exchange with Easy bus ESB

Secure data exchange with Easy bus ESB


It is unnecessary to emphasize the need to ensure that messaging between different systems is adequately secured and selectively in which data can be sent at all. A practical safety instrument that can be used for B2B data security is the Easy bus ESB platform. But what role does the platform play in the safe management and exchange of your company data?

Data protection through Insight

The Easy bus platform first gives insight into the complexity of the IT landscape. It creates a picture of which systems are connected and which connections exchange data with each other. With the Easy bus you get a porter in the house that can easily determine what comes in and what goes out again. You can use this insight to help you personalize the existing IT architecture and make it easier to remove any vulnerabilities.

Precisely set up data traffic

The insight that Easy bus creates helps to set up the IT landscape precisely, so that no redundant data can be sent, for example, that may contain sensitive information. A properly tuned landscape ensures that data remains inaccessible to other systems, processes and/or users. Data exists only ‘ realtime ‘ and is not permanently or long-term stored on the platform itself. Only metadata is needed specifically for managing and monitoring the processes and is stored momentarily. In that case, of course, strongly encrypted. The metadata can only be read by the own easy bus instance, so even when the easy bus hardware is stolen, the data is encrypted and therefore completely unusable.

Double safety

Easy bus offers powerful security on all fronts. The platform uses encryption on connections and data. In addition, it can communicate securely with other systems through the industry-known, stringent security protocols. It is also an option to implement a different security standard on the platform, used within your organization. In addition to securing the platform itself, every connection to and from the platform is secure (with or without a different security protocol).

Over twenty years of experience in securing data has been incorporated into the building of the platform developed by iTrajectum. In addition to understanding, the platform provides resources to set data accessibility correctly and, finally, to secure the platform and the data in multiple ways for the highest achievable message integrity. Easy bus is a useful tool for securing communication from on-premise systems to external partner s or cloud, because good security (fast) is indispensable.


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Signing suppliers Manifesto Logius good start of the year

Signing suppliers Manifesto Logius good start of the year


The year 2017 for iTrajectum starts off with a special moment: the signing of the Logius supplier manifesto. The manifesto is the recognition for government suppliers who apply the mandatory open standards adequately in their ICT products and services.

iTrajectum has been working as an ICT government supplier for over 20 years. Last year, Logius conducted a market scan in the field of open standards and, at the same time, mapped out the requirements that government suppliers should meet. The IT suppliers who met this were invited to sign the Supplier manifesto. Since iTrajectum fully complies with the requirements, the organization has been appointed as one of the official Digikoppeling suppliers of the Government with the signing of the manifesto. Logius has also added iTrajectum to the Digikoppeling supplier list that is on the website and has defined the open standards specialisations.