Exchanging messages securely

With Digikoppelingen

Digikoppelingen Connect for provinces even easier with BIJ12 Easy bus

Public authorities are increasingly exchanging digital information from each other, towards the business community and the citizen. To exchange digital messages, secure connections are required: the so-called Digikoppelingen. This includes linking with all kinds of basic registrations and current affairs. The Easy bus ESB platform is the solution to make government easier to connect with Digikoppelingen, business systems, BerichtenBox for companies and other data systems. Connecting to provinces is made extra simple. BIJ12, the implementation Organisation for the 12 provinces, has been fully equipped and in use under the guise of Common Ground, the BIJ12 Easy Bus ESB. Because of this existing solution, the remaining provinces need only connect to the platform to be connected to the Digikopppeling and other facilities.


Provincial platform has been proven effective for over 3 years. 

Connect to basic registrations, national facilities and BerichtenBox for companies.

Modular expandable with links between case systems, CRM, DMS and E-invoicing. 

Collective contract for provinces provides a lower investment. 

Short lead time of connecting. Digikoppeling delivered within a few weeks.

Exchanging digital messages with the government


Work together more efficiently.


Improved service delivery.

Citizens and businesses only have to deliver data once. 


Public authorities need to process data even once.


Wat is Digikoppeling?

This is a set of standards and protocols to achieve links between government systems. These standards have been established by Logius, the administrator of ICT facilities of the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom relations. By standardizing digital message exchange, Digikoppeling promotes public interoperability. For example, connections between case systems, basic registrations (BAG, BGT and BRK) and my Government (Berichtenbox for companies and current affairs) that Exchange data.

Voor wie?

Digikoppelingen are for all kinds of organizations that are dealing with digital message traffic with the government. Think of municipalities, provinces, water boards and ministries. The Easy bus ESB solution can be used for connecting Digikoppelingen, as well as the business community that communicates with the government. 

Hoe snel?

Most services can be realised in just a few weeks.

Met welke basisregistraties kan gekoppeld worden?
  1.  Basic registration addresses and buildings (BAG) 
  2.  Basic registration of large-scale topography (BGT)
  3.  Basic registration Income (BRI)
  4.  Basic Registration Land Registry Office (BRK)
  5.  Basic registration Surface (BRO)
  6.  Basic registration Persons (BRP) 
  7.  Basic registration Topography (BRT)
  8.  Basic Vehicle registration (BRV)
  9.  Trade Register (HR)
  10. Basic Registration Value immovable Property (WOZ)
Met welke landelijke voorzieningen kan gekoppeld worden?
  1. BAG questioning
  2. BAG Mutations
  3. Bgt
  4. BRK Delivery Mutations
  5. BRV
  6. CORV
  7. DigiInkoop
  8. DigiLevering) HR & BAG
  9. E-Invoicing
  10. Stallion (WMO and juvenile
  11. Stallion WLZ Key
  12. HR Data Service
  13. HR Data Service (via DigiLevering)
  14. LVWOZ Synchronous Survey
  15. LVWOZ Indirect delivery/mass survey
  16. My Government BerichtenBox
  17. My Government BerichtenBox answer for companies
  18. My Government current affairs
  19. My Government WOZ Inspection environment counter Online


Hoe is BIJ12 Easy bus beveiligd?

The platform is fully equipped according to mandatory safety requirements and standards. The Digikoppeling is fully focused on the EBMS protocol where security by using PKI certificates is an integral part of it. Additionally, services can take advantage of additional message-level encryption. Messages are always sent over encrypted channels. There are also firewalls with cloud protection and filtered by IP address. If desired on a private network.

Hoe lang wordt een bericht bewaard?

In principle, Easy bus does not keep any data. Only for logging and monitoring purposes, information is stored for up to 7 days encrypted.

Welke standaarden zijn er?

Logius has established and made mandatory standards. The standards set boundaries and obligations to build Digikoppeling connections. Examples of standards are EBMS, WUS and GB.

Easy bus links with all the usual standards of Logius.

Wat is Common Ground?

With a modern, agile way of designing, building and managing ICT systems, Common Ground is based on the idea of a unified data landscape and allows the government to innovate faster and to save costs.

Official IT supplier and Digikoppeling supplier of the government via Logius

Main supplier ESB platform of BIJ12, the execution organization of our 12 provinces.

Simple, secure and reliable message traffic.

For more information on Easy bus and Digikoppeling, please call: 030 66 62 517.